hello beautiful

you are here at butterfly heart for a very good reason.

you were magically sent here by some crazy synchronicities or you were drawn to this space because there are things your heart wants to learn.

you are here because you are ready for an internal change and with internal change your external world comes up to meet you.

you know that the change will come from you because you are ready to take the next step and you are ready to take that leap for yourself which your actions then inspire great things in other people.

butterfly = transformation

heart = love

butterfly heart is a place where you will want to feel free from your fears and to leap into life head on because you know that what challenges you also brings you great rewards.

you can create the life and world that you live in but it does take some internal work and physical work because this road aint for the fainthearted sister… your heart will be broken and smashed open to let the light in… that is where the magic happens!

so there will be tears, laughter, relaxation, amazement, fun and basically a whole new world will open up in front of you!

i kid you not…

so why is butterfly heart here…?

i want to be the person that gently guides you in your spiritual journey and opening up to the new and amazing world that is our universe.

i want to teach you about self-love, being your own best friend, supporting yourself and realising that you are an amazing and beautiful being that has the ability to transform and heal your heart!

i provide you with the tools to start your spiritual journey and your path to self-love… there are so many things to teach you:

– getting to know and love yourself

– practicing self love

– practicing gratitude

– learning to give and receive

– ways of looking after yourself and feeling awesome

– setting your intentions and reaching your goals

– staying motivated

– staying balanced

that is just the tip of the iceberg. this also, is not just a one sided affair kiddo,

i want to learn and grow with you as i know that you have so much to teach me.

I offer you support through your self-development journey offering healing, intuitive readings and e-courses.

i hope that you enjoy what butterfly heart has to offer you as it is all for you and your highest good.

peace, love and gratitude