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gifts from the new moon :)

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wow new moon don’t you have some precious gifts to give today! this will kick off my first butterfly heart blog EVER so I will try and make it a good one.

in one day it has been highlighted to me some of the things i don’t give myself enough credit for. today I was reacquainted with some of my positive attributes. damn it, i am smart, intuitive, pretty (someone told me today I am and I believe them! ) i show integrity, i am ambitious and passionate about authentically helping others.

on the flip side, it’s amazing that when someone gives you some information that you know in your gut that something is just not right but it is enough to make you stand up and notice but also stand up for your own values and morals.

my promise to all of you that use my services or buy my products i will always be straight up about what I am offering you. i will give you all of my authentic self and passion to serve and help you to bring more balance, health, gratitude, happiness, peace and love into your life.

thanks for listening