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let your light shine…

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so who is instantly feeling better since mercury retrograde finished over the weekend. i feel like a heavy brain fog has lifted and the metaphorical arrow (being me) has been dragged back and I have been flung forward soaring through the air out into the world flinging off any emotional baggage i know longer need. even if it has been tough for you i think its awesome that we all survived with hopefully some extra tools in our tool kits and new lessons learnt.

 what I have been noticing for quite a few of you that while you are working towards becoming a better person, and it is a natural part of lifting your vibration and energy (which is what happens when you’ve learnt some tough lessons and are growing stronger) that while you are moving forward some of your friends and family around you aren’t quite keeping up with your pace.

this can be quite a transition and also a bit unnerving. it can feel as though there is some distance being created between you. as much as you are feeling this distance between your relationships the other person is feeling it just as much. there are lessons to be learnt on both sides.

its not that the other person is bad because you may not be seeing eye to eye or in spiritual lingo their vibration is operating at a lower level and its not that you are big noting yourself because you have progressed and see things from a higher perspective it really just is what it is. I guess the best thing we can do is leave our ego and judgment at the door and accept that other people just have different perspectives on life and just have not learnt yet the lessons that you have.

 so big gold stars for you, the courageous one taking those big leaps forward and reflecting on how you can take action to become a better person. just a bit of  advice i can give you, if you wish to take it, is don’t play small to make the other people feel better or more comfortable. you are doing a great disservice to yourself and the world. relationships naturally come and go and the ones that are by your side for ever are the ones that are willing to grow with you.

always stay true to yourself as you were born to let your light shine.

peace out xxx

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spiritual = hippie…. i don’t think so…

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so what comes to mind for you when you hear the word spirituality. do you automatically think… oh that’s that woo woo hippie shit. Maybe you might even have an image in your head of someone wearing a peasant style top, a long flowing skirt, wearing a headband adorned with dreadies and throw in some tie dye somewhere in there. well i am about to kick that image in the pants…

i don’t wear any of those things. I also don’t walk around in a zen like spacey state where it would seem that nothing in the world would phase me. nope… i am alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic. I practice gratefulness, mindfulness and I am kind and caring towards my peers no matter who they are. yet i do have my own challenges sometimes with other people… i am human like everyone else… but i manage to find the blessing in each experience.

anyone can be spiritual, we all have souls and an energetic vibration that keeps us alive and kicking. There is no certain way a spiritual person should look or speak. we are all unique, special and have our own light to bring to the world. it is important that we maintain our energy body just as much as our physical body.

well that’s what I am here to do… to give you the tools to look after your energetic body to make you feel awesome. soon on my website there will be an array of tips and tools to help you on your spiritual journey. i like to keep it simple so they will be easy little activities that can take either 5 seconds or as long as you want to spend on it, but will be very rewarding either way.

this is me, no dreads, no headband, no tie dye, just me… ready to let my spiritual light shine…!

peace out


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intuition…! listen… trust… action!

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this week i once again learnt that i should listen to my intuition and knowing that my guides once again have my back! It was through an incident where i was told to speak up and i didn’t and let me tell you it would have avoided a lot less stress and awkwardness than there needed to be. i still have faith that things will work out exactly for the best.

so…. if that little voice inside your head tells you to act upon something or to speak up then follow it, as it will be in your best interests. i can assure you that if you don’t you will always wish that you did… so save yourself the anguish!

i hope that everyone is honouring their feelings and speaking their truth in a respectful way during this mercury retrograde because things can easily be misinterpreted.

all i can say is don’t let it fester or let your emotions grow until you explode. Just be true to yourself, be honest and authentic and address whatever it is that is concerning you.

speaking from experience, when our friend mercury retrograde comes around again you don’t want to find yourself in the same spot dealing with the issue again like it’s ground hog day. get that shit sorted. you’ll thank me for it later. you’re welcome!

don’t hold onto anything that doesn’t serve you. lighten the load and feel free! free to be you! when you are free it flows out into the world and others want to follow your lead. when you shine your light everyone benefits.

Enjoy the lessons life brings you.

Peace out xxx

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today i choose to smash FEAR in the face!

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anyone who knows me I love a good boxing class. why do I love it? well its the time I have for me when I can think about all the things that piss me off and smash it out on the boxing bag. boy does it feel good.

speaking of smashing things… today my friends, i made a decision… or maybe it was an epiphany…. either way there’s something else i’d like to smash in the face.


that’s right! all those stupid little thoughts that creep in that stop you from doing the things you love and that make you happy. Fear can ruin you if you let it. but today i choose to smash it in the face and it feels good.

FEAR you have won too many times lately, but not anymore… ha ha sucked in!!!

from today forward I choose love. I want to live a life I love and to feel free and just be me (which by the way is pretty awesome).

i choose to dismiss those thoughts of doubts and worries that hold me back.  when i feel acknowledge those thoughts and worries i visualise an unhappy face emoji and that i punch it and it explodes and disappears. then i think about how it really is and what it looks like when love wins because…

love trumps fear

so are you living in love… or fear? what have you done or not done lately because of fear? how do you get past it or overcome it?

would love to hear your thoughts. feel free to leave a comment.