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please don’t give your power away to other people…!

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recently i had a huge wake up call for me and you could call it an epiphany. i love epiphanys! they smack you in the face and wake you up! it’s what Oprah calls your aha moment. well i had one! what has been a trialling week where i have been disappointed in other people’s actions i took away a lesson out of it.

with it came a whole range of emotions, disappointment, anger and self-doubt. while it hurt and it was a release it cleared the way to show me that i do not need other people to validate me or my worth. it showed me that i have been giving away my power.

i realised once again that i choose (yes me) my thoughts and emotions and how i want to feel. today i took back my power and said to myself ‘hey you rock girl, no-one knows the infinite potential that you have inside of you and guess what you are in control of it so go out and amaze and dazzle the world with your sparkle.’

it motivated me to rock out my sparkly clothes just to remind me that i refuse to let other people get me down and i lose my sparkle! this realisation was so empowering. especially after the doubt filled couple of days.

fast forward a fortnight later… if the first smack in the face didn’t hurt enough to wake me up… well I got another one…! lets just say the weekend started with a few ugly words that hit me. while I thought that what had been said to me was completely uncalled for and untrue it still hit me hard!

the words “you’re all thoughts and no action” and “you are better without your spirituality” came as a heavy blow and I once again questioned my worth but also my values.

while I stewed on the words for a day i thought fuck this… this is my lesson again to not put my value in other people’s opinions or words.

‘all thoughts and no action’ is not something I would’ve ever described myself as. while i have nothing to prove to that person and everything to prove to myself that i am not that person it fuels me to make butterfly heart the most amazing experience for people and to help lift people’s spirits in ways that makes them feel fulfilled and happy.

today i am ready to take on the world. i am looking forward to the future and the amazing, endless possibilities, opportunities and experiences that lay ahead. i am feeling fulfilled knowing that i am in charge of my own life and how i respond to things. i am also happy knowing that the best is yet to come…

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infinite possibilities…

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oooohhhh what a week!!! half of it has been filled with hard work and the other half has been filled with fun times and birthday love, both very rewarding.

life is such a lesson ay! it amazes me the themes, experiences and conversations that happen throughout the week that inspires my blog posts.

 the more i do these posts the more i know i’ve grown and learnt new things. it’s happening every week. since focusing on my spirituality it has opened up a whole new world of self discovery! i am enjoying learning a lot about myself and sharing my experiences with you to hopefully help you all on your own path.

 so it’s a start of a new year for me and it feels like there are an infinite number of possibilities and that the best of them are yet to come!

 so my lesson that I have learnt recently is that i often focus on something that i really want. i get so attached to one outcome that when it doesn’t come to fruition i am disappointed. i really have been setting myself up for failure. oooopsies… lucky i figured that shit out!

 so not sure if it’s in my name, genes, numerology or birthdate but i tend to live in a little fantasy world of how i think things are going to be. don’t get me wrong i think its healthy to day dream and think about what it is that you want, but i often have to reflect and bring myself back to the present. my favourite saying for this is:

it is, what it is

it’s so grounding and brings me back to reality. if I feel that i have been dwelling too much in my thoughts and have a built up story in my head about how i think it’s going to be or how it is i ask the universe to show me how it really is. then BAM reality check hits… it slaps me right in the face and knocked those rose coloured glasses right off my face and i funnily enough feel sane again! lol

this normally is the case when i have latched my focus onto something and have my blinkers on. when those rose coloured glasses are off and i can see that i need to look around me and not waste my energy on a dead end possibility when i could be missing the million other opportunities that are available to me if i take the time to look around.

its important to stay open to all opportunities because when you let go and let the universe bring you whatever is in the interest of your highest good then you will be amazed at what lands in your lap. a situation, person, experience, job will be better than you ever expected!!!

so love and let go and see what happens!

have a beautiful week.

peace out



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the only thing that is stopping you is you….

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so for a while now and i think it has been since mercury retrograde has been over there has been a new kind of energy that i mentioned in my last blog. it’s like a weight has been lifted to reveal some patterns that i have been struggling with.

some patterns that have been revealed that i can actually be quite hard on myself (we all have a shadow side, but i still love me), the other is that i have let my ego limit me in the things that i can achieve and sometimes that has come down to worrying about what other people think.

one of my favourite sayings lately is ‘it’s none of my business what other people think of me.’ i love those sayings that really hit home and make you think about your perspective on certain things. well this one changed my mindset to not even worry about what other people think. as long as i am not hurting anyone then it really does not matter what people think of me.

i discovered that worrying about what other people think was causing my road rage… yes i have had uncontrollable road rage… the type where i have day dreamed that my car is a dodgem car and i could just run into those crazy impatient drivers and they would just bounce off and i would show them  who’s boss!!!

i maintained being a spiritually sensitive person that i could pick up on other people’s feelings, which made me react in the way they were feeling. in part i could feel what they could feel but ultimately i choose how i react and i realized that i cared to much about what they thought. driving had become quite stressful for me and i had to figure out how to get to work every day stress free.

i have chosen not to care about what other people think of me on the road. i will sit on 60kph if that is the speed limit. it’s a reminder that i need to do my own spiritual protection and send healing and love to the person that has to sit behind me while i am trying avoid a speeding fine. it really is their issue to deal with. since i realised i was in control of my reactions i have been in a bubble of bliss to work in my car that i adore!

i have still been choosing to smash fear in the face and stepping more out of my comfort zone. yes it’s uncomfortable and might get you all sweaty, jittery and makes your mouth go dry but you survive. when it’s all done you feel a sense of achievement and your confidence grows.

so use those feelings as a guide that there is reward coming for your hard work. the universe does reward those that go out and make things happen.

you can do it, i believe in you!

would love to hear about the great things you are making happen in your life!! feel free to comment below.

peace out



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i love myself…

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now that the energy is feeling a bit lighter i’d like to talk about something a bit more lovely other than the challenges that we have all been through lately.

something that gets me through the tough times is telling myself and knowing that they are never going to last. they might come around again but it is never forever. i am always grateful at the end of those challenges because it means one i survived and two i come out the other side having learnt a whole lot more about myself and of late it has shown me just how far i have come and how much i have grown as a person. i guess that’s what we are here for hey?

today i decided that it was going to show myself that i care about me. i went and did a yoga class and then went and had a massage i even had a lovely long nap. i made a beautiful potato and leek soup that i know my body definitely loves me for it. i’m totally loving myself sick right now! it was all very indulgent but it was much needed especially when we get so caught up with day to day tasks and work and cleaning and well just about everything!

in my quiet space it showed me an issue that i have been struggling with for quite a while now, but that’s another post. what matters is that i took the time to care about me. i am enjoying the time that i am spending with me, getting to know me and looking after me. i can totally say that i love myself, but not in that weird up myself way where my ego has taken over in an unattractive way. in a genuine i love me because i am awesome kind of way.

i challenge you to prioritise some time to do something nice for yourself and show yourself that you love you. doesn’t that give you warm fuzzies? feel the luuuurrveee <3

enjoy your week beautiful people.

 peace out