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spiritual does not mean infinitely positive! :)

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this one has come up a few times for me in different areas of my life. people often assume that because you are spiritual and you practice gratitude and positivity that you are infinitely this way and nothing will ever bother you! some people question why you might be feeling negative when i present so positively through my work.

well i am human! i have emotions just like everyone else and i’ll admit it i am not constantly happy. i think that i have said before that sometimes the bad situations are the experiences that i have received the most lessons from and generally something positive comes out of it. you need to feel the lows to appreciate the highs.

it’s what i love about butterfly heart. i have the opportunity to teach people some tools to living and leading a positive life to build those coping mechanisms when you are feeling emotional or down and out. you are going to have those days when you feel like shit and the last thing you feel like doing is saying a positive affirmation. i hear ya sister because I wouldn’t want to do that either.

one thing i think people should know is that you should never be afraid of your emotions or discount them. be present and feel them. i wouldn’t suggest wallowing in them forever but take what you need from it, release it and move on. because what you don’t acknowledge now it will rear its ugly head later for you to look at and deal with again. like they say its better out than in.

i often have to reflect on what it is that i am projecting out into the world and think about how i’d like to change my thoughts or how i communicate with some people and how i deal with my emotions.

through my spiritual journey i have become more proactive in the way that i do what it takes to support myself to actively chase my happiness and practice gratitude and positivity. it’s my contribution to the world and to show others that they can lead a positively happy life if they want too.

 so be as positive when you can because you can feel awesome but acknowledge when you feel like crap and something is bugging you. its like the ebb and flow of the ocean you can’t have one without the other.

enjoy your week beautiful butterflies!


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we choose our thoughts…

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its probably something that i have struggled with previously, but have been open enough and happy to learn new ways of thinking. anything to get me out of my own head! it just me or does this happen to everyone? We focus on how to try and fix something or someone and no matter how much we think about it, it won’t solve what we are trying to fix. then when we let it go the issue miraculously sorts itself out. but also where your thoughts are constant and sometimes thoughts that are belittling to ourselves and that we don’t always notice because it’s become the norm?

when i was introduced to the notion that we choose our thoughts, i questioned it. i don’t choose my thoughts they just pop up and appear in my brain. if i choose them where do i go to choose them? its not like i go to a supermarket of thoughts in my brain and pick them. i started to take inventory about what i was thinking. i actually realized that i wasn’t so nice to myself. I was constantly hard on myself for the littlest of things. i didn’t like this mean girl in my head she wasn’t too nice. i did think that i wouldn’t allow someone else to speak to me the way that i spoke to me! it had to stop!

sometimes we get caught up too much in our heads and need to bring our energy and focus back to our hearts. man… i have had days where i have let my thoughts take over and it is never pretty. it increases anxiety and all for nothing, when i am in control of it. yeah that’s right. i am in control!

that’s where affirmations are awesome! 🙂 i know when i first started affirmations. i thought this is bullshit. how is this going to change anything. but when you agree to grow and develop spiritually and you even test out affirmations then you realize they actually do work. that Louise Hay she is definitely onto something. he he he.

sometimes when you say an affirmation there is some resistance. probably because we don’t believe it because we have been feeding ourselves all that other bullshit that isn’t true, yet we got to the point of believing it. so my favourite saying fake it til you make it works with affirmations too. the best one that a lot of people use is ‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself.’ It works for absolutely everything. for example, if i ate a piece of chocolate cake and i am trying to be healthy. instead of putting ourselves down for caving say the affirmation ‘even though i ate this cake, i deeply and completely love and accept myself. bingo bango… guilt free cake. it doesn’t take away the calories but it does take away the guilt… halfway there!

so enjoy nice thoughts they do you the world of good!

peace out


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the storm won’t last long…

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once again i love that there is a theme during my week that i see in other people’s lives and even in my own that inspires what i end up writing about in my blog. i hope you all enjoy reading them as much as i love writing them.so what has been my theme for this week? well… I can’t say that it is a nice and fluffy topic but I think it is worthwhile talking about.

sometimes we can find ourselves in the middle of a life shit storm. you know one of those weeks, months or years where anything that could go wrong does! a storm thank god does not last a lifetime because that would just be torturous.

to be honest i was in one of those life shit storms for about three years…! challenge after challenge after challenge! a time where you scratch your head and think WTF!!! seriously…. what next? well i made it and i am here to tell you about it! it was a super tough and emotional time. before this life shit storm started I did a tarot reading for myself. the tower came up. being new to my tarot cards i wasn’t too sure of the meaning. i damn well know what it means to me now!!! my meaning is that sometimes things just have to come crashing down around you for you to rebuild again. it’s like a clean new slate once you clear away the emotional rubble.

so while i admit that i know this week is not the start of a three year life shit storm it is just a mini tornado, i know from the first time that i am strong enough to get through what ever challenge i am faced with, the storm never lasts forever, i come out with some truly valuable lessons.

if you are feeling like you are in the middle of a life shit storm, stop for a second and ask what are the situations and challenges really telling you? is it showing something that you need to change in your life so that you can live a more fulfilling and happy life?

there might be a completely different kind of lesson, maybe a cleansing and that there are relationships that you might need to let go of so that they aren’t draining your energy and you meet new people that are on your wavelength and you both feel energized after seeing each other.

when you sit and look at it from a different perspective and willing to see the positives out of it you win! sometimes the hardest lessons are the most rewarding in the sense that you learn a lot out of it. this is what it means to learn about yourself and how you roll. we are here to live, love and learn and empower ourselves to be the amazing powerful people that we are! yes each and everyone of you!

peace out beautiful people