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face the fear and do it anyway…!

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last week was about taking a leap of faith or two and taking the courage to do things well out of my comfort zone. as you know I like to smash fear in the face and not let it hold me back. i have been known to take some crazy chances towards choosing my own happiness and having full faith in my intuition to which sometimes others don’t fully understand.

i have found it interesting in having conversations with people about my decisions and the amount of fear that it brings up in others. i know that people like to err on the side of caution and often don’t want me to get hurt, but i can see that they are speaking from their own perception and experiences of life.

i think with taking big risks can bring great reward just like i said last week especially when you are listening to your intuition. at the end of the day you can never make the wrong decision. if it brings great reward then awesome, if it doesn’t and you learn from it and well that is rewarding to. there is always a lesson in our choices.

life is meant to be lived and your boundaries are meant to be pushed, get out of your comfort zone. how else are we meant to learn and grow? by taking action!!! yeah it feels icky and you wonder if you are doing the right thing but is that because we have listened to other people’s fears? do we let that hold us back? well i say hell no! it’s great to get other peoples opinions and advice but you need to discern if that’s what your heart feels. always go with your heart. the heart knows what the heart wants.

i think ultimately if its something that you want and it is going to move you toward your own happiness then go for it. you only live once and you deserve to be happy. be courageous. be bold. be happy!

go out there and take chances and chase your happiness!

enjoy your week beautiful butterflies.

peace out


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synchronicities and leaps of faith…!

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so my theme for this week is about taking a leap of faith… well i haven’t done it for a while so the next two leaps that i am about to take are massive and could change my life considerably for the better.

what if i didn’t take that leap though? then what? i would continue to live life in my comfort zone and never push my boundaries at all.

what comes for me with taking a leap of faith is my trust in spirit. want me to tell you a little story about what happened last time i trusted in spirit…. well… here goes….

 i had been living in my unit for about seven years and loved the area of where it was situated and thought that i was lucky to have understanding landlords and the rent was cheaper than most of the units around me. i thought i was on a good wicket. that was until things started to happen around me in my neighborhood, the couple next door were always fighting and things ended badly which was was on display for everyone to see, then a family moved in who also started fighting to the point i suspected domestic violence and called the police, then a male neighbor was showing some interest but not in a nice way. it started to bug me because i would need to drive past his unit to get to mine all the time. the neighbourhood had changed and even though i didn’t acknowledge it, it had started to stress me out.

i knew i needed a psychic reading to find out what was going on in my life in general. i was feeling stuck and needed some guidance. the result of the reading was the man that had been showing me some interest was not nice at all and could end up physically harming me. i was told that it was a way to get me out of this rut and that it was time to realize that there are better things out there for me. yes the world works in mysterious ways. i took it as a big sign. i took action! spirit loves it when you take action. you are most definitely rewarded! amazing things can happen!

the actions i took were:

i text my friend to see if i could stay with them while i looked for another place to rent.

the friend i texted said that her tenant in her unit had done a runner and that she would be happy for me to move in to her unit. after looking at some photos online i said yes!

it was the end of august and i wondered if i would have to pay my then current rent to my landlord if they couldn’t find someone as my lease ran out in november. with my super awesome filing i found my lease and it just so happened the first time in seven years the lease ran out a couple of months earlier, which just so happened to be in a weeks time!

so I started packing my ass off. heaps of my friends offered to help and even drive a hire truck so that I didn’t have pay lots of money for a removalist.

the stalker just so happened to be away for work that week and he didn’t see me move out until I picked up a few last items from the house, where I was able to leave without too much fuss…. Phew!

it all happened in one week, the unit is now my little sanctuary and is a million times better than what i had and i love it and i have the best landlord ever!!!

so the moral of the story while i was in my comfort zone I took a leap of faith after all those coincidental synchronicities I had faith that the universe/spirit guides/angels had my back and I am so super grateful.

sidetracked… i know that our spirit guides and angels want what’s best for us and to see us happy and living our full potential. can’t wait to see where the next leap of faith is going to take me!!! stay tuned….!

so my lovely butterflies, when you feel like things aren’t working, ask for guidance and then act on the guidance you are given!!!! it will totally be in your best interests! i promise you!

when was the last time you took a leap of faith and it paid off?

would love to hear your stories!

feel free to comment below or share over on the facebook page and inspire others to make change.

peace out butterflies xxx

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2015 is here…yeah baby…!

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wow we are now in 2015, how is it feeling for you all? I know the energies have been a bit crazy with lots of us shedding the old and walking through to 2015, a lot of us a leaving some shit behind. woo hoo!

i love the start of the year because here in Australia it’s summer, there is a good vibe, the sun is out, it’s a social time spent with friends and family. it’s also a fresh slate to begin again, a reason to start something from scratch and no looking back because it’s the start of a new year! yeaaah! You know what I’m talking about. there is an air of motivation to make shit happen.

i can feel great things for everyone this year. 2015 is a year of action! what do you want to achieve this year? have you already started setting your goals in motion?? what do you need to do to make your dreams come true? use what you have learnt through the tough times of 2014. use that wisdom and let it fuel you this year!

have you reflected on 2014 and taken inventory of what you have learnt, loved and what you want to release? it’s a great way to practice gratitude, release what no longer serves you and sets you up for an amazing year ahead. i am so excited for what 2015 has in store for us.

if you need some extra help in clearing some of your blocks and want to feel fabulous for the year ahead then don’t hesitate in booking in a reiki or massage this year. take the time out for you that you deserve! with all this action there is going to be some much needed down time. so take it. its not selfish. when you feel good everyone around you feels good!

have a beautiful week!