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honour your true feelings…!

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sometimes things have to come crashing down for them to be rebuilt again and replaced with amazing new things, opportunities, experiences and people. that’s what happened for me when i had a few years of my world crashing but it allowed me to rebuild and move more into a life that was right for me.

i had read that thyroid issues are triggered by stress. this fit with my situation because there had been four years worth of upsetting and hurtful situations one after the other. i was diagnosed with hashimoto’s, which meant very low energy, irritable, brain fog and lots more symptoms to mention. it was at a time where i was sorting out my medication to feel better and to use what little physical and mental energy I could to try and find the best ways to get myself well. things did eventually start to get better when i found a new job and a new man! although finding a relationship doesn’t automatically mean that life is roses and everything is going to be fabulous!

i learnt so much about myself and this has been one of my key turning points in my life was that very relationship. i was in the relationship for a couple of years where my partner was quite dependent. he didn’t want to leave my side, venture out with his friends or mine. there was some great stuff about the relationship like he was my best friend, we had a good laugh and had our own in jokes (like most couples), i knew that he was there for me in the best way he knew how and he was kind and gentle.

there were two parts to the relationship i was in. one being that i think that i would have gone insane if he wasn’t in my life at the time that he was. i was diagnosed and trying to get better but on the flip side the relationship as i did get better the relationship started to fall apart. when i felt better i wanted to go out with friends, go to the gym, go to bands, i wanted me back. i feel like the relationship robbed me of that but really it was of my own choosing as i didn’t do anything to change it. the relationship had gone into this isolation of just him and me. Always there. Not wanting to go anywhere unless it was just he and i. it became quite suffocating. i wanted him to change, but later realised it was me that had to change.

on top of that i had tried so hard prior to the relationship to be open and honest about my feelings. i got to a point where i felt comfortable and confident about it. in this relationship i was met with so much resistance. any time i needed to talk about the sometimes tough and emotional stuff he would run and if i caught him he would completely shut down, which he obviously had his reasons. it meant that the relationship couldn’t move forward. being a spiritual person it was crippling for me.

there were things i learnt about relationships that i knew i didn’t want. i knew that i didn’t want to lose myself in a relationship where i spent so much time giving the other person what they want that i constantly missed out on having my needs met. i didn’t want to play the role of counselor, psychologist, social worker with my partner when i was paid to do it at work. i knew that i didn’t want my children to feel the repercussions of the issues that i would have allowed my relationship to flow over into their lives.

the day that i broke it off was the day that i chose self-love. while the split from my partner was terrifying and knew that it would be devastating for them i couldn’t do it to myself any longer. i chose to honor my feelings and listen to them. i knew deep down long before the relationship was over that it wasn’t right. it got to a point in time where i was strong enough to end the relationship and choose me. that was my biggest turning point. i got me back. not only did i get me back i knew that my next relationship would be with my equal, a balance of give and take. with someone that loves life wants to socialize and is willing to work through the tough stuff and not run away.

 i wouldn’t take the experience back for the world because I learnt a lot about me and what I want. It put me on the path to honoring my true feelings and choosing self-love. at the end of the day we are responsible for the way that we feel and what we can do to choose our own happiness.

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reach your goals…!

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who else has such a busy start to the year? being summer here in australia it’s such a social time out in the sun with family and friends. for me not only is it social i have so many goals and dreams that i want to make happen in 2015 and i know that my biggest lesson for the year is patience! why do we need patience gosh? why can’t i have everything i want yesterday? well all i can keep telling myself is that the divine have a higher perspective and they are down with the 411 on what will happen for me in the future and will steer me in the right direction. i trust in divine timing!

so as for all the other things that i have on my plate with wanting to eat healthy, exercise, do three courses at once, practice spirituality, rest, keep the house tidy and clear of clutter… ummmm i am overwhelmed!!! my brain is full. so it got me thinking about what needs to give and what i can delegate and find support so that i literally can do and have it all! Yeah baby!!!

to delegate and free up some time i have found an online program that gives me all my meal plans, shopping lists and exercises in one so i can exercise at home and that takes all the planning out of my week. massive win!!! it’s for the same amount that i was paying for a gym membership that i recently cancelled. i am so excited because it gives me more time to focus on the things that i want to do with my business, or rest, or tidy up my house. hmmm, now thinking about getting a cleaner once a week just to delegate some more…! i deserve it!

so what is it that you can delegate so that you have more time to do the things that you love and what to get done in your week? what is it that you would love more time do?

you are worth it my friend. it’s so nice that feeling you get when you are kicking goals in your life and making your dreams come true. i know that life can get in the way sometimes and we jump back on that mundane treadmill but it really doesn’t have to be that way. i am guilty of becoming complacent about the things that i want to achieve, but the main thing is that you wake up and start working towards your goals and fulfilling your happiness.

you can start at any time. it doesn’t have to be at the start of the year and the goal is lost by february. your start could be a new second, minute, day or month. just do it!

this week’s fun sheet is for:

goal setting

make things happen beautiful! have a great week!


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be in the present…!

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sometimes the universe shocks you and completely changes your direction. it’s not always bad as we all know change can be uncomfortable but if it’s for the best possible reason then bring it on. following on from last week and being attached to a certain outcome or a vision of how you see things turning out I still maintain is not healthy or in your best interests.

it can send us into victim mode by thinking that we never get what we want… which really isn’t true because the universe ends up providing something better than you even imagined. so if you ever feel yourself slipping into that victim mode then pull yourself out of it. it lowers your vibration and doesn’t allow the energy of abundance to flow towards you.

instead practice gratitude in the moment for what you have and trust in the universe and your guides have your back and are doing everything in their power to bring you the best situations and experiences for your highest good. how exciting!!! i have been finding myself saying to a few people how dwelling on the past creates depression and thinking too much about the future creates anxiety. so as much as you can just stay in the present and value each second of every day. they are moments that you are never going to get back but such an opportunity and realisation to make sure that you are living your life to the fullest and creating your own happiness and contentment.

so with a couple of days of mercury retrograde left did you survive? did you have some loose ends or unresolved issues pop up in your life that you had to deal with? did you deal with them? did you make the most of your opportunities to grow and move forward?

if you feel that you are still stuck in the past in a situation and you feel like you are struggling to move forward have you looked at the situation from a higher perspective and asked yourself what you need to learn from it? have you forgiven yourself for the way that you may have handled it? have you forgiven the other person involved for not being or doing what you expected them to be or do? forgiveness is about setting yourself free from the situation for your own peace of mind and freedom but doesn’t always mean that what someone did or said to you is ok.

well done, because you have made it through the experience and it is freeing to let go of the situation. like any physical clutter that you clear it makes way for the new to enter it is the same for your emotional and mental clutter.

here is this weeks fun sheet to help you work through forgiveness.

  forgive to be free

so many of us settle for what has always been and think that its always going to be that way but it really doesn’t have to be like that. we are in charge of our own happiness and it just takes some action on your part to make your life awesome.

what’s one thing that you can do for yourself today that will make you happy?

ask yourself everyday it keeps you in the present and stops your mind from dwelling in the past and wandering to far ahead into the future and then you are on the road to happiness my friend…!

my wish for all you butterflies is the utmost happiness and contentment!

 peace out


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let go and allow yourself to receive…!

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we are well into february and i wanted to talk to you about be open to infinite possibilities. i know this has come up before but it must be something worth repeating! what does your heart desire right now? is it coming to fruition? do you have something in your mind that you are focusing on that you really want but it isn’t coming to you? well loosen that grip honey and all will turn out for the better.

quite often i have been so focused on one thing or maybe even person that i really really really want or have feelings for. i will think about it and think about it and think about it some more and think about how i am going to get it and ponder on how it might happen and what i might be able to do to get it and then again day dream about how it might happen…! oh yeah i repeated myself on purpose just so you can get an insight to what goes on in my brain. hope it wasn’t too scary for you!

i realized it really doesn’t matter how much i think about something it is never going to make something happen… for the very reason that if the situation isn’t right for you or in your best interest or for your highest good and those involved then the universe will not allow it to happen.

i can hear you thinking now. well i have ended up in awkward or bad situations, how was that in my best interests or for my highest good? i would say to you that maybe ask yourself if you learnt something from that situation and if so then it was a lesson that was meant for your highest good and to learn something new about yourself.

so back to that issue about our human thinking limiting us to focus on one narrow option or way of thinking or doing something… well brain get ready for your mind to be blown…

there are a million different ways of thinking and doing. which means that one little narrow option that you have limited yourself to there is actually an infinite amount of possibilities. when we let go of thinking about an outcome and how it’s going to happen and open up to the universe and the powers that be to provide what it is that your heart truly desires then the universe delivers. it often delivers something so much more than you ever thought possible. it will literally blow your mind!

be open and allow yourself to receive and know that you deserve what it is that universe wants to deliver to you. open your mind, heart and hands to receiving and have faith that what it is you desire will be delivered and then some!

what do you have a grip on that you haven’t let go of? what would you like to let go of that isn’t working for you? are you ready to open up to infinite possibilities? go on do it you wont regret it…!!!

if you want to manifest and attract all that you desire, here is a manifestation meditation and worksheet to make that happen!

let go and allow yourself to receive

enjoy and have a fabulous week!!!