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unconditional love…!

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ok so i know that everyone is going through their own shit but does it give them the right to be rude to you or others???

i would hope not. in fact that’s a hell no! one of my biggest wishes and messages for butterfly heart is that when we lift our vibration and bring more of our light to world that we use it to spread it around. oh yeah share the love baby!

since starting my spiritual path i have noticed more than ever the energies surrounding me. at times it can be overwhelming how much someone else’s energy can affect me. it can be draining, i can take on their feelings and emotions to the point i feel like i become them and mirror what they would say. i am getting better at realizing that it’s not my energy because i wouldn’t say those and i don’t feel that way.

a lot of the time i can feel how people are feeling which can override what they are saying to me. the energy speaks to me louder than their words. a lot of the time the energy does not match what is coming out of the person’s mouth. there is a disconnect. confusing??? hell yes! it has happened so many times and i have had confirmation that what i sense and feel is true.

through my confusion it has shown me that people are not always honest about their feelings and emotions. from experience i know it leaves us wide open and vulnerable. it leaves us open to be judged, rejected, hurt and to be told we aren’t good enough. that is only if we are looking into the fear side of it.

there is something beautiful about being open and honest and raw. there is something freeing about showing all of yourself for everyone to see. it’s all out in the open, nothing to hide, let it all hang out. being secure enough in yourself to know that once you do you will be ok. you will be more than ok and the world will not fall apart. the world might show you that it is ready to love you and embrace you exactly as you are in all your glory, the good, the bad and the ugly. that my friend is unconditional love.

as light workers and people that want to find peace, love and happiness it starts with us, it starts with us sharing the love and spreading it around. it’s contagious. let’s leave a beautiful legacy of teaching and giving unconditional love.