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getting out of my own way + i want happiness damn it…!


it has been an interesting week! so after all that it feels like it has flown by and i am being constantly pushed out of my comfort zone. i have had so many messages of encouragement yet i haven’t fully taken the leap… there have been constant thoughts of what is wrong with me…! why can’t i just fucking do it! it’s not that there is anything wrong with me and i know i can do this stuff because i have done it before and been amazing at it. it is actually the fear of success. who would have thought there was such a thing? people work hard for success and have drive and motivation. i know deep down that i have all the abundance in the world waiting for me and in a way where i am able to help children, young people and women. so what’s stopping me? i have an awful freaking pattern of self-sabotage. i don’t allow myself to be happy because i slip into this pattern. now that i have acknowledged it i can move through it and use what tools i have to get me past it and into a happy and abundant mindset. one of the things that we all need to realize is that we are always constantly learning and moving through blocks. when we have a challenge it’s really how we work through it, we can let it consume us and beat is into unhappiness or we can do whatever it takes to keep our vibes up and be happy! there is no limit on how happy we can be! i choose love.


so here are my suggestions for getting out of my own way:

be gentle, patient and compassionate with myself

there will be a point that i will reach where i will have to decide to jump and hope that my wings work or i retreat into a rather uncomfortable comfort zone. (the latter is not my preferred option)

call upon my guides and angels to help me move forward and remove my fear of success.

at least do one small step towards my goal even if it scares me a little

eft about not settling for less


while it has been a challenging week it has also been really rewarding. there is always something to be grateful for! so i wanted to update you on one of the ways that i had stepped out of fear and into love was really focusing on doing things that i love doing. it puts you in a fabulous mindset and opens your energy to attract more fun things.

so here’s what happened in the last week that i manifested:

free yoga sessions for the month of february

a new friend to go see live music with

met lots of lovely ladies who are all in business

a super cheap gym membership with no joining fee or contract

my first mobile massage client and a healing gig for two young girls who fit perfectly into my happy girls are the prettiest

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moving out of fear + into love

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this week for me has been about returning to me. i have returned to my inner-self and acknowledging my thoughts and feelings about me. it has been a process of clearing anxiety, backing myself and knowing i’ve got some damn good skills.

i have been really hard on myself about what i should say and what i should do and not even recognizing the good things that i have achieved. it’s not much fun having an inner critic! i had been managing her well for a while there and now she has popped back up with a vengeance.

looking back on my working life i have never really given myself credit for what i have achieved or accomplished. at a young age i had scored some really great jobs without a university degree. which to this day still amazes me and i am super grateful as i have learnt so much from each position. all that time i never felt i was never good enough and didn’t know anything.

it got the point now that it paralysed me. i was gripped with fear…

now that i have all the time in the world to focus on my own business i have noticed it more than ever. i realized it’s time for me to back myself. the last year has been quite a struggle in getting out of my own head and dismissing the negative thoughts. with one step at a time i have stepped into myself again and who i am.

in numerology terms i am in a personal 9 year and a world 9 year, yup double whammy! 9 years are about releasing the old to make way for the new and it being a year of completion. it’s like starting a new slate in 2017 so it will be exciting what that year has in store for me!!!

here is what i did to step out of fear and into love:

kept saying to myself ‘just be me’ and ‘i’ve got this’

giving myself permission to do something i enjoy, it makes you feel good and get’s you out of your head

re-visiting what i love to do and realizing the love hasn’t gone anywhere – what is something you love to do but you haven’t done in a while?

using my mantra ‘i deeply and completely love and accept myself’

look back on how far you have come and celebrate the big and small achievements.

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energy + empath + discernment

energy + empath + discernmentit has been an interesting end to the year. for me it has been releasing what no longer serves me and i have let some things go. it can hurt because one particular relationship i felt could have been the best thing for healing and growth. when you see things as a vision for the future, it is there in energetic potential. it doesn’t mean it is set in concrete. rebecca campbell recently posted one of her ‘rebecca thoughts’ which was “the things we cling to are the things we most need to let go’. in hindsight i had been clinging for a long time, more than i would like to admit. i now know it was an unhealthy attachment almost an addiction.

when you are on your spiritual path sometimes you are just crawling in the dark trying to decipher the messages that come to you in a jumbled mess. sometimes we get things wrong but its part of learning. sometimes we expect others to know what you are experiencing because you are feeling it and you expect them to feel it too. it’s not always the case.

it’s a heady mix of your own emotions, being an empath and clairsentient you feel others emotions, add past life experiences that you have shared with people in your current life, then add what we are dealing with what’s going on in your life and the environment around you that holds it’s own energy as well.

excuse me but it can get really confusing and you have to master the art of discernment. what is your energy, what is other people’s energy, the energy that a room holds and also to learn what each of the different energy feels like. i understand that this isn’t what it is like for everyone but want you to know either you are not alone or at least shed some light on what i experience every day.

that’s why i think it is important to look after your self. keep your body clear by eating healthy food and meditate every day. as i go deeper into my practice i crave clean food and to go within as it’s where my happy place is. it’s where i don’t have to worry about anything, think about anything and just be and soak up the love from the universe to feel light and free.

while energy work can be totally confusing it can be utterly amazing and mind blowing! the synchronicity and precision that messages come to you and the joy and healing that it brings to my clients is humbling but also filled with love. i am honored and filled with gratitude to be able to give this to someone. the amazement and wonder on a strangers face or even a friend when you can tell them something that you could not possibly know unless you were living in their head or had been there.