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i had the best date ever…!

i had the best date ever last friday as it still lingers in my mind…!

it was a spontaneous date and exactly what i needed to lift my energy.

what better day to share it with you than on international women’s day.

so my date was a bit shy and nervous and didn’t really know how she was going to feel, as it’s the first time she had taken me out on a date. first we went to the local deli to use the atm. as i explained to the lady behind the counter that i just needed to use the atm she pointed me in the direction of the machine. i confidently walked to the back of the store to collect my money to pay for my date’s dinner. as i walked out of the shop i could tell that the lady behind the counter disapprovingly looked at my worn thongs and above the knee shorts. they weren’t the most flattering shorts in the world where they accentuated my curvy hips and showed the cellulite above my knees. the lady behind the counter looked at my legs and frowned. while my date saw the look on my face in response she encouragingly told me that i was a beautiful person and those judgments didn’t matter because you are doing amazing things in the world and you are so lucky to have legs that work.

the date continued to go really well and it was calm, relaxed and comfortable. she knew exactly what it was that created the perfect date. across the road from the deli was a cute little food market. she knew that i loved the turkish gozleme and the salted caramel and nutella filled donuts. There was no judgement about the food I was eating but pleasure in knowing that it was my favourite. so that’s where we went. the man at the donut van must have seen the happy glow on my face as he softly joked with me and surprised me with an extra donut! it was like a message from the universe was telling me to enjoy it.

next stop was the beach where we put our feet in the lovely warm water. the weather was amazing with blue sky and sunshine for miles along the beach. as we sat there and meditated the silence was really comfortable. the meditation brought out the creativity in me. i sourced broken shells from the beach to decorate the mandala that i had drawn in the sand. feeling so proud of it we took a photo of it for instagram. it even included a butterfly shell, which is so fitting for butterfly heart and a symbol of the transformation that i could feel taking place within me.

we didn’t want the date to end, so with a spare donut to share we found a nice shady spot along the river to eat it. we sat there in silence contemplating the world. i knew then that i would be happy spending the rest of my life with this person. i knew from that day that she loved me and would support me and would always have my back.

that she was me!

self-love and self-care are the most rewarding things that you can give yourself. it opens up to a whole new level of abundance and attracting more love into your life. which is what has happened to me in the very short five days since i took myself on a date. so many beautiful things have happened and i have attracted new people into my life. i want this for you too. it’s you that you will be spending the rest of your life with so get to know you and the things that make you deliriously happy because you are worth it.

do something to show you that you love yourself and you are worth taking the time out for!