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i have worked in the youth and community services sector in south australia since 2001 and i am passionate about the health and wellbeing of children, young people + women.

it wasn’t until i moved to the sunshine coast in 2015 that my passion turned into a business creating workshops for girls and young women teaching them about creating their own happiness.

it is my mission to continue my business + life purpose to empower children, young people + women to become confident, compassionate, strong, resilient, happy and connected.

 it is through helping people to change their mindset is what teaches them to be happy so they can shine their beautiful light into the world!

i thought that the gentle lessons that i have learnt in my adulthood would be great for children + young people + women to learn so that they can use the simple tools as regular practice.

I am passionate about motivating children + young people + women to reach their dreams with the vision of creating communities of confident, strong, resilient and children, young people + women.

in teaching them these values and skills they can then be role models for other girls and young women + adults in their communities.

we create change when we lead by example.

achievementsi have worked with children, young people and families as a volunteer and in paid employment such as:

• currently studying bachelor of social science (psychology)

• volunteer for youth week events in south east of south australia (2002)

• co-ordinated youth week events for south east of south australia councils 2003 for three years consecutively

• volunteer for ymca south australian youth parliament 2003 three years consecutively

• member of ministers youth council advising current member of parliament – minister for youth

• nanny sa – looking after children under the guardianship of the minister

• youth affairs council of south australia – project officer

• specialist children’s worker – uniting care wesley port adelaide – western adelaide homelessness service

• youth development officer – campbelltown city council (south australia)

• recipient of an sa great award (2003) for the region of  south east of south australia in the category of youth.



after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s disease where many things i loved doing were taken way from me due to brain fog and crazy fatigue i learnt one of the most important lessons.

how to love myself…

while i still have a lot to learn about loving myself it set me on a path to get me there.

my spiritual journey has lead me to learning about:

• having faith and trust in the universe

• how the universe is constantly in communication with us

• that i create my own reality

• that i get to choose how i feel in each given moment

• emotional integrity

• how amazing and intelligent our bodies are and have a lot to teach all of us

• making other people happy makes me happy

home page title

change starts with us. this journey called life is meant to be lived.

that means taking the good with the bad and learning from both.

we are the creator of our own reality and our own destiny

we choose our thoughts, our feelings, our actions.

always choose love