Ohhhh the feminine rising… can you feel it?

How many of you here have started your spiritual journey?

Have you dipped your toe and the water felt a bit deep so you backed away?

Have you jumped straight in headfirst and then realized there’s no going back now?

Wherever you are at I am here for you every step of the way. I have been on my spiritual journey since I was a kid. My journey began when my mum would ground, balance and protect me before I went to school. I learnt from a young age that without spiritual intervention in my life it felt like a hard slog. The easy part about it was, all I had to do was ask and it would be given. “Ask and it shall be given.”

What I love about my spiritual journey is that my guides and angels have NEVER left me. Some of my guides might have changed or they come and go when they need to depending what was going on in my life. When I have asked for help I have always been provided for. It may come in different ways to what I thought it would like but it ALWAYS happens for my highest good and I am ALWAYS provided for.

I know that without my guides and angels and the energy work that I have been doing for a good thirty years now I feel like I would be in a completely different situation right now. Spirituality is something that I feel has always been a part of my life and I know is never going to leave. Even just writing this sentence it gives me a renewed faith that I am always supported by spirit.

I have a wish. My wish is that I can support as many women on their spiritual journey no matter where they are at, to remove the layers of hurt, disappointment, pain and distrust so that you can reach the real authentic you that was born in love. So that you can see the beauty within you, so you can shine your light into the world with the purpose that you came here to fulfil. It is my ultimate wish that through us working together that you get to a place that you feel empowered to do your own healing for yourself and for others.

Can you imagine what a ripple effect that would make in the world? Given that my business name is Butterfly Heart and the term Butterfly Effect (that my friend Carly kindly pointed out to me, is what I feel my purpose is in the world). I can’t do it alone though.

Butterfly Effect | The Butterfly Effect is a concept that states, “small causes can have larger effects.”

So from small actions such as diving into healing yourself and removing the negative energy and beliefs the effect that will have is going to make such a big impact on the world and our planet.

I am not sure if you are aware but there is a feminine rising in the world at the moment and if you are a female then you are a part of it. It’s time for you to rise up into your own feminine power to heal yourself, other people and our beautiful planet.

What are YOU here to do and what small actions can you take right now?

Whatever it is I would love to help you by being your messenger between your spirit guides and yourselves. I want to be the loving energy that holds your hand along the way and to spur you on and to support you energetically.

So thank you for being on this journey with me and I can’t wait to see what we create together.

Michelle xxx



what are you waiting for…?


patience, what is patience? it’s not something that i have ever been really good at. i was one of those kids that would count christmas down from the 26th december and think it would take forever to get to the next year. it can be quite torturous.

i guess it comes down to what our heads are telling us well actually the thoughts that we choose to think:

“oh it’s so far away!”

“i can’t wait that long”

“christmas is never going to get here”

“how many sleeps are there until christmas?”

 i think the biggest contributor to my impatience has been:

number one – the thoughts i choose and thinking i have to wait.

number two – when waiting becomes a habit and expecting things to just fall in your lap.

waiting for that dream job, waiting for that tall dark and handsome man to come and whisk you away, waiting to win x-lotto, waiting to win your dream holiday, waiting for miracles to happen.

 when you wait and wait and wait for things that just don’t show up it’s when you become impatient. it’s this feeling of it’s not here now, i don’t have it, i am never going to have it. we need to flip that shit on its head. it is your eternal birthright to have whatever it is you desire. it may not come in the form or look exactly what you think it’s going to but it is going to be the best possible outcome for you. that’s how the universe rolls.

ok so i am going to be honest with you… i stopped full-time work on wednesday 9th september 2015. i have had a few casual hours here and there but i have not worked full-time since that date. everybody’s dream right?

the universe has supported me to take a break; ok it’s not really a break. i don’t even know what it is but i have used the time to rest, to visit home, to have fun and meet new people, volunteer for fabulous events and conferences but also to build my business. i am truly grateful. it is what i wanted my life to look like, sort of…. the awesome part is i don’t have to work for someone else and i can choose my own hours! it is absolute bliss. not without its own trials but the universe has given me a massive gift. i trust that it i am here for a reason and it’s all going to work out how it is supposed to.

instead of looking at the situation like that i have been impatient. it’s not the nicest feeling! i slipped back into waiting. waiting for the universe to drop me this opportunity to just appear out of nowhere! i have learnt that building a business takes patience! you don’t come up with this one idea and then bam you are an overnight millionaire. it requires you to be taking action on your business every day! i have been working on my business since july 2014 and it is evolving all the time. it’s not yet making the big bucks or do i have full-time work from it (it’s not really what i want anyway), but it is a fabulous ride on my way to a freedom lifestyle. i am taking actions every day to get me closer to where i want to be.

here are five ways that you can overcome impatience:

  1. do something fun to keep my mind from going to that impatient place
  2. do something every day that gets you a step closer to the moment, experience, item you want to buy to make you feel like you are doing everything to make it happen
  3. change your thoughts to the affirmative like you already have or are experiencing what you want.
  4. visualise and feel that you have what it is that you are dreaming of like it is real
  5. know and trust with all your being that everything happens in its own time for the most awesome possible reason.

last week i wanted happiness – this week i am manifesting happiness…!

i won face

what a fortnight! i apologise for missing last week. i was not feeling the greatest, but this week i am full of energy, feeling enthusiastic and have been learning about manifesting. there are big things that i want to attract into my life! J i mean really big things! i have learnt that art of manifesting money and new connections and friends and great experiences. so it has taught me to open it up and ask for the really big things!!! i deserve it so why not! when you ask for big things it is a way of pushing out of your comfort zone. you will realize that a whole heap of new things to deal with come up. when you believe what it is that you are creating it becomes real! like really real! you feel the emotions as if you are in it, your mind goes to that place that what you have created and it is already here!

part of creating this abundance and manifesting is to de-clutter! clear out everything you don’t need! let the energy flow in bringing beautiful gifts with it. when we create that space then the universe works to deliver awesome things into that space. when i found this thing that i really wanted it kicked my manifesting into gear. i realized all the reasons why i wanted this thing and what it would mean for me! it made it even more motivating for me to create it. so cleaning, making my bed, throwing things out and organizing my work and personal life to create an easy flow became pleasurable! it became for a bigger cause!

i was watching a wayne dyer video the other day and he was telling the story about a clay pot and what makes it a clay pot. the pot being made of clay and put in the kiln to fuse the pieces together to make it a vessel that holds things. it creates the space to be filled. but if you were to smash the clay pot the pieces are all still there but in a different form but no longer hold that space to be filled. this resonated with me a lot and made me think about what my vessel was holding, my vessel being my body. what it was holding onto energetically?

i recently purchased sarah prout’s ancient ritual of manifesting. i think it is great and it’s not something that i have been taught before and it is really simple. it definitely makes you committed to manifesting what it is you want. while doing this ritual it brought up all the things that i hadn’t yet dealt with. the things that i needed to energetically release. it has been like a purging but in a great way because i know that i am emptying my vessel of old garbage for new and fabulous things to enter.

it brought me back to loving myself. with the abundance that i create for myself i want to share it with my friends and family. i want to spread that goodness. i want to bring them with me on this awesome happy ride! i want to be an example that great things can happen when you change your mind set. come and join me in making your dreams come true!

so here are my eight tips for manifesting:

  1. De-clutter EVERYTHING – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge room. Only keep the things that you absolutely love!!! Get rid of everything else! If you haven’t used it in 6 months give it away or throw it out. If you really miss it that much you will attract another one into your life.
  2. De-clutter your negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations.
  3. Do some forgiveness work. Cut your energetic attachment to people and experiences that are holding you back.
  4. Figure out what it is that you REALLY want. Work out what REALLY excites you! Those things that you would do absolutely anything to have.
  5. Create a vision board with all those things that you really want!
  6. Do something that shows you are serious about what you want. If you want to go on a holiday to Egypt start taking steps towards it. Go get brochures from the travel agent, change your computer desktop image to photos of Egypt, set up a money box to put your spare change in to go towards your holiday.
  7. Be grateful for the abundance that already is in your life and also the new things that you are manifesting!
  8. I purchased Sarah Prout’s Ancient Manifesting Ritual for a small amount of $9! It is worth it as it has some classic gold content and the ritual is awesome! It’s working for me!

moving out of fear + into love

overcoming fear white border

this week for me has been about returning to me. i have returned to my inner-self and acknowledging my thoughts and feelings about me. it has been a process of clearing anxiety, backing myself and knowing i’ve got some damn good skills.

i have been really hard on myself about what i should say and what i should do and not even recognizing the good things that i have achieved. it’s not much fun having an inner critic! i had been managing her well for a while there and now she has popped back up with a vengeance.

looking back on my working life i have never really given myself credit for what i have achieved or accomplished. at a young age i had scored some really great jobs without a university degree. which to this day still amazes me and i am super grateful as i have learnt so much from each position. all that time i never felt i was never good enough and didn’t know anything.

it got the point now that it paralysed me. i was gripped with fear…

now that i have all the time in the world to focus on my own business i have noticed it more than ever. i realized it’s time for me to back myself. the last year has been quite a struggle in getting out of my own head and dismissing the negative thoughts. with one step at a time i have stepped into myself again and who i am.

in numerology terms i am in a personal 9 year and a world 9 year, yup double whammy! 9 years are about releasing the old to make way for the new and it being a year of completion. it’s like starting a new slate in 2017 so it will be exciting what that year has in store for me!!!

here is what i did to step out of fear and into love:

kept saying to myself ‘just be me’ and ‘i’ve got this’

giving myself permission to do something i enjoy, it makes you feel good and get’s you out of your head

re-visiting what i love to do and realizing the love hasn’t gone anywhere – what is something you love to do but you haven’t done in a while?

using my mantra ‘i deeply and completely love and accept myself’

look back on how far you have come and celebrate the big and small achievements.


energy + empath + discernment

energy + empath + discernmentit has been an interesting end to the year. for me it has been releasing what no longer serves me and i have let some things go. it can hurt because one particular relationship i felt could have been the best thing for healing and growth. when you see things as a vision for the future, it is there in energetic potential. it doesn’t mean it is set in concrete. rebecca campbell recently posted one of her ‘rebecca thoughts’ which was “the things we cling to are the things we most need to let go’. in hindsight i had been clinging for a long time, more than i would like to admit. i now know it was an unhealthy attachment almost an addiction.

when you are on your spiritual path sometimes you are just crawling in the dark trying to decipher the messages that come to you in a jumbled mess. sometimes we get things wrong but its part of learning. sometimes we expect others to know what you are experiencing because you are feeling it and you expect them to feel it too. it’s not always the case.

it’s a heady mix of your own emotions, being an empath and clairsentient you feel others emotions, add past life experiences that you have shared with people in your current life, then add what we are dealing with what’s going on in your life and the environment around you that holds it’s own energy as well.

excuse me but it can get really confusing and you have to master the art of discernment. what is your energy, what is other people’s energy, the energy that a room holds and also to learn what each of the different energy feels like. i understand that this isn’t what it is like for everyone but want you to know either you are not alone or at least shed some light on what i experience every day.

that’s why i think it is important to look after your self. keep your body clear by eating healthy food and meditate every day. as i go deeper into my practice i crave clean food and to go within as it’s where my happy place is. it’s where i don’t have to worry about anything, think about anything and just be and soak up the love from the universe to feel light and free.

while energy work can be totally confusing it can be utterly amazing and mind blowing! the synchronicity and precision that messages come to you and the joy and healing that it brings to my clients is humbling but also filled with love. i am honored and filled with gratitude to be able to give this to someone. the amazement and wonder on a strangers face or even a friend when you can tell them something that you could not possibly know unless you were living in their head or had been there.


why am i resisting…?

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so the last couple of weeks i have been facing a lot of resistance. it’s where my body tenses and i feel stressed. i have started to worry about things that are out of my control. yet logically i know that i have done the best i can to make things work. so anything that happens outside of that has nothing to do with me and i have to learn to let go and deal with things when the time arises.

i have been noticing how stress makes my body feel. as soon as i feel it i tell myself to stop resisting and my shoulders naturally drop and relax. i’ve learnt what it feels like to be stressed throughout my body and when i feel relaxed. i have definitely been checking in a lot lately. i know that i relax when i stop my mind from thinking. i have learnt that i need to be able to switch off from all the things i think i need to have done yesterday. they are self imposed deadlines that i have put on myself that don’t need to be there. i have a few things that I like to do to make sure that i get away from work mode. i have loved getting back into boxing, my yoga classes, meditation, taking a bath and cleaning (of all things).

i have been mindful that my relaxing doesn’t turn into procrastination and get lazy and slip into not doing anything at all! i have also been learning that there is a part of me that is holding myself back. this too is resistance. a lot of the time lately i have to give myself permission to shine. as you might have seen over on the instagram page i have been posting a lot of photos with gabby bernstein’s – miracle’s now oracle cards. there is one that i constantly keep up on my wall where i can see it. ‘when i shine bright, i give others permission to shine with me’ i like it so much it’s one i want to live by every day. my resistance feels like i am cautiously holding myself back with the things that are unfamilar to me like pulling back a slingshot and there is only one way for me to go and that is flying forward. so while the resistance might not feel so good i know if i relax and let go it will send my flying to somewhere good!

i have read before that sometimes people are more scared of succeeding and what it might mean and what changes will come if we fully give ourselves permission to shine. i know this is where i am at right now. i also love the way mastin kipp from the daily love explains that i am a spiritual thief. i am taking my talents and what i have to offer the world away from the people that need it, because i haven’t fully been putting all of me out there. which is so very true… i don’t want to be a spiritual thief. i want to be a spiritual goddess practicing and spreading the word of self-love.

so that is what i am going to do. a part of that is loving me…!! i love me. i am caring and love helping people out. some times i think i overwhelm people with my kindness and giving nature. not everyone is so comfortable with receiving. no more holding myself back. it is my time and i am ready to shine. who’s with me?


the universe says slow down…again…!

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ok so a third weekend in a row. i have been left with no money…! go figure. mercury retrograde you are a funny bastard…! i don’t normally worry too much about good ol MR, but this round it has been the stereotypical plans going wrong, dates mixed up, miscommunications and well generally i find that the energy is so scattered. i personally don’t like it. like they say there is always a silver lining.

this time round my lesson has been about learning how to ask for help and saying out loud what i want. i REALLY struggle with this. no i REALLY struggle with this. umm did i tell you that i REALLY struggle asking for help.

i know that with my job i feel like i can’t do my job if i ask for help because people will think that i am not capable of doing my job. then my ego tells me that it is just quicker to do it myself than get someone else to do it. i have also learnt that i make things more difficult for myself than they need to be. i find that i take the longest way round to do something. someone will offer a different and a much simpler way of doing something and i really can’t believe that i didn’t think of it because it was so simple.

maybe that is where the stress comes into it and because you are worried about just getting it done and worry about getting it done that it clouds the much easier option! this week i have had so many people offer to help carry my bags, buy me presents, lent me money when i really needed it. i realized that i have awesome friends and people that are willing to help if i let them in and more importantly if i ask for their help.

its funny when you think you’ve learnt something but then it rears its head again. i thought that i had learnt to ask for help and delegate. clearly not as this week has been a struggle. it comes back to self-love. i have been quite mean to myself. i have berated myself for taking on EVERYTHING and not seeing if anyone else could help me out. i berated myself for the bad food i ate because i was just too exhausted to cook. i berated myself for not cooking food and eating healthy. i berated myself because i knew that if i didn’t eat healthy i would run myself into the ground even further. i was back into my old habits and worked myself up into a state about it. it’s not a fun place to be. like i have said before, sometimes things have to crash and fall down for it to be rebuilt.

so friends, that’s where i am at right now. i am rebuilding again. a day of much needed self-care – incense, warm house, blanket, couch, catch-ups of reno-rumble, organic chocolate, coconut water, ice-cream and cat cuddles i feel a whole damn lot better.

i love how Gabby Bernstein explains that when we steer away from our values, spirituality and what we know is good for us the most important thing is if we keep coming back to ourselves time and time again.

love yourself enough to keep coming back to you and giving yourself the time for self-love, self-care and self-support.


the universe says slow down…!

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this weekend i had one of those weekends where the universe told me i needed to stop and have break. i had no money to do anything, which is pretty rare. i think it would have been the only way to make me stop and literally do nothing. i have had these weekends before and i am grateful for them. i am grateful that the universe has given me a big stop sign.

i have been doing so much managing my full time job which with some out of hours work that will continue until the end of june, having to rebuild my website and trying to keep sane by taking care of myself by relaxing and having time for me. i am really big on work life balance. while i know the position i am in now is to teach me to grow and learn new ways of doing things so that i can be the person i want to be and to achieve the things that i want to. it’s pushing me to use all the things that i have learnt in the last five years bring it all to this moment to test me. it’s not a horrible test. i think it shows me how much i have grown as a person and that makes me proud, grateful and happy.

i know it is so hard to slip back into the old habits when you have so much going on in your mind. i have had old triggers come up and have started to slip into those old habits. i have been working a lot on my mindfulness as i think it is the biggest key to change. when i hear those old thoughts of i am tired, i don’t have the energy to do that, and i think my thyroid symptoms are back. i take the higher ground, suck it up and dig deep. if i ignore all those thoughts and follow what i have learnt and do what is right for me to make me feel better to give myself the energy and care i need then it ensures there is no place for all those negative thoughts. 

i have said before when your honor yourself and put energy into the areas you are willing to change then the universe conspires to help you. the biggest thing for me when i am tired is the last thing that i feel like doing is cooking. it is the first thing to go. which sends me into a horrible spiral of eating bad convenient food… i absolutely hate it. but… i decided that if i am going to succeed at this new lifestyle i am going to make things work for me. 

i have been getting up early to prepare my lunch, cutting up vegetables so i can put them in the slow cooker to make soup. i have found out how nice it is that when i get home my tea is cooked. i had manifested this over a few weeks as i had thought frequently how nice would it be to come home and tea would be cooked for me! i made it happen. self-love at its best!

 i believe that because i put energy into helping myself and making things easier for me that i was given a gift. my beautiful friend gave me her food processor as she got a new thermomix. omg…!!! as much as i’d love a thermomix too i am sooo grateful for the food processor. i don’t know how i lived without one for so long. i no longer have to take an extra half an hour to cut up vegetables, the food processor takes literally 3 seconds. it has inspired me to cook again. i swear i have a past life where there was a lack of food or something…. but that i am sure is another life lesson that i can talk about later.

 with winter now here i think it is the perfect weather to give you permission to relax.



unconditional love…!

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ok so i know that everyone is going through their own shit but does it give them the right to be rude to you or others???

i would hope not. in fact that’s a hell no! one of my biggest wishes and messages for butterfly heart is that when we lift our vibration and bring more of our light to world that we use it to spread it around. oh yeah share the love baby!

since starting my spiritual path i have noticed more than ever the energies surrounding me. at times it can be overwhelming how much someone else’s energy can affect me. it can be draining, i can take on their feelings and emotions to the point i feel like i become them and mirror what they would say. i am getting better at realizing that it’s not my energy because i wouldn’t say those and i don’t feel that way.

a lot of the time i can feel how people are feeling which can override what they are saying to me. the energy speaks to me louder than their words. a lot of the time the energy does not match what is coming out of the person’s mouth. there is a disconnect. confusing??? hell yes! it has happened so many times and i have had confirmation that what i sense and feel is true.

through my confusion it has shown me that people are not always honest about their feelings and emotions. from experience i know it leaves us wide open and vulnerable. it leaves us open to be judged, rejected, hurt and to be told we aren’t good enough. that is only if we are looking into the fear side of it.

there is something beautiful about being open and honest and raw. there is something freeing about showing all of yourself for everyone to see. it’s all out in the open, nothing to hide, let it all hang out. being secure enough in yourself to know that once you do you will be ok. you will be more than ok and the world will not fall apart. the world might show you that it is ready to love you and embrace you exactly as you are in all your glory, the good, the bad and the ugly. that my friend is unconditional love.

as light workers and people that want to find peace, love and happiness it starts with us, it starts with us sharing the love and spreading it around. it’s contagious. let’s leave a beautiful legacy of teaching and giving unconditional love.


honour your true feelings…!

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sometimes things have to come crashing down for them to be rebuilt again and replaced with amazing new things, opportunities, experiences and people. that’s what happened for me when i had a few years of my world crashing but it allowed me to rebuild and move more into a life that was right for me.

i had read that thyroid issues are triggered by stress. this fit with my situation because there had been four years worth of upsetting and hurtful situations one after the other. i was diagnosed with hashimoto’s, which meant very low energy, irritable, brain fog and lots more symptoms to mention. it was at a time where i was sorting out my medication to feel better and to use what little physical and mental energy I could to try and find the best ways to get myself well. things did eventually start to get better when i found a new job and a new man! although finding a relationship doesn’t automatically mean that life is roses and everything is going to be fabulous!

i learnt so much about myself and this has been one of my key turning points in my life was that very relationship. i was in the relationship for a couple of years where my partner was quite dependent. he didn’t want to leave my side, venture out with his friends or mine. there was some great stuff about the relationship like he was my best friend, we had a good laugh and had our own in jokes (like most couples), i knew that he was there for me in the best way he knew how and he was kind and gentle.

there were two parts to the relationship i was in. one being that i think that i would have gone insane if he wasn’t in my life at the time that he was. i was diagnosed and trying to get better but on the flip side the relationship as i did get better the relationship started to fall apart. when i felt better i wanted to go out with friends, go to the gym, go to bands, i wanted me back. i feel like the relationship robbed me of that but really it was of my own choosing as i didn’t do anything to change it. the relationship had gone into this isolation of just him and me. Always there. Not wanting to go anywhere unless it was just he and i. it became quite suffocating. i wanted him to change, but later realised it was me that had to change.

on top of that i had tried so hard prior to the relationship to be open and honest about my feelings. i got to a point where i felt comfortable and confident about it. in this relationship i was met with so much resistance. any time i needed to talk about the sometimes tough and emotional stuff he would run and if i caught him he would completely shut down, which he obviously had his reasons. it meant that the relationship couldn’t move forward. being a spiritual person it was crippling for me.

there were things i learnt about relationships that i knew i didn’t want. i knew that i didn’t want to lose myself in a relationship where i spent so much time giving the other person what they want that i constantly missed out on having my needs met. i didn’t want to play the role of counselor, psychologist, social worker with my partner when i was paid to do it at work. i knew that i didn’t want my children to feel the repercussions of the issues that i would have allowed my relationship to flow over into their lives.

the day that i broke it off was the day that i chose self-love. while the split from my partner was terrifying and knew that it would be devastating for them i couldn’t do it to myself any longer. i chose to honor my feelings and listen to them. i knew deep down long before the relationship was over that it wasn’t right. it got to a point in time where i was strong enough to end the relationship and choose me. that was my biggest turning point. i got me back. not only did i get me back i knew that my next relationship would be with my equal, a balance of give and take. with someone that loves life wants to socialize and is willing to work through the tough stuff and not run away.

 i wouldn’t take the experience back for the world because I learnt a lot about me and what I want. It put me on the path to honoring my true feelings and choosing self-love. at the end of the day we are responsible for the way that we feel and what we can do to choose our own happiness.