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happy girls are the prettiest e-course

my passion has always been about encouraging, uplifting and motivating children and young people.

i love the excitement in their eyes when they know that they are being listened to or they have a moment of realisation that they are pretty awesome and capable of great things.

 which is exactly why i have created happy girls are the prettiest e-course for 8-11 year olds! i want this so much for your girls and for you to see this in your happy girl. we all want our kids to be happy right?

i want to teach as many girls as possible to give them the gift of confidence, resilience, happiness, self-love, motivation, self-esteem, mindfulness + empowerment.

why do i want to reach as many girls as possible?

well i know that when we lead by example that is how we teach others. happiness is contagious..! i am sure we know at least one person that when we are in their presence they make you feel great and good about yourself. i want each and every girl + woman on this planet to know that they can learn how to be that person.

i want love to triumph over fear and to spread the happiness, compassion, confidence, resilience so that it spreads like wildfire and we can reduce the rates of bullying in our schools and workplaces and teach our girls how to love one another again no matter who you are, what you look like, what you have or who you are friends with.

we all have a beautiful light to shine and we need to start recognising that in each other.

the e-course provides a toolkit for life catered to the 8-11 year olds that can be used over and over again. the tools are developed in a fun and interactive and creative way so that your happy girl has lots of fun.

The tools found in the e-course i still use today!

what is an e-course

an e-course is an online portal where you have access to the happy girls are the prettiest workshop online!

when you sign up and purchase the happy girls are the prettiest membership you create a log in so that you can access the special members site.

within the members site you will be able to work through each topic: self-love, self-esteem, mindfulness, power, intention + gratitude.

each topic has an introduction video, a worksheet, instructions for a fun activity, meditation, pep talk + visualisation that can be downloaded and kept forever to be used over and over again to support your happy girls to be happy!

you can work through each topic with your happy girl using the checklists + parent’s guide that is provided for you to use each week.

with the six topics that are available, you will receive an email from me each week to guide you through the activities. you can spend anywhere from 1-2 hours on each topic.

i am available for online support between 3pm – 6pm (AEST) every Tuesday and Thursday. I am always available through social media and email if you need me..!

what’s in the e-course:

 intro videos for each topic

7 downloadable + printable worksheets

7 fun downloadable + printable activity sheets

7 downloadable meditations

6 downloadable pep talks

6 downloadable visualisations

6 guidance emails + parent’s guide and checklist

live online support twice a week

lifetime access including upgrades

50 reasons why your happy girl needs this e-course

here’s what the girls love about the face to face workshop

 the e-course covers everything that is covered in the face to face workshops + a few extra fun things to play with. i know with your support your happy girl can get the same benefits out of the e-course while also creating that special time with your happy girl to bond and create your happiness together.

i can give you 50 reasons why the e-course is great for your happy girl… but hear it from the girls themselves….!

want to sign up?