getting out of my own way + i want happiness damn it…!


it has been an interesting week! so after all that it feels like it has flown by and i am being constantly pushed out of my comfort zone. i have had so many messages of encouragement yet i haven’t fully taken the leap… there have been constant thoughts of what is wrong with me…! why can’t i just fucking do it! it’s not that there is anything wrong with me and i know i can do this stuff because i have done it before and been amazing at it. it is actually the fear of success. who would have thought there was such a thing? people work hard for success and have drive and motivation. i know deep down that i have all the abundance in the world waiting for me and in a way where i am able to help children, young people and women. so what’s stopping me? i have an awful freaking pattern of self-sabotage. i don’t allow myself to be happy because i slip into this pattern. now that i have acknowledged it i can move through it and use what tools i have to get me past it and into a happy and abundant mindset. one of the things that we all need to realize is that we are always constantly learning and moving through blocks. when we have a challenge it’s really how we work through it, we can let it consume us and beat is into unhappiness or we can do whatever it takes to keep our vibes up and be happy! there is no limit on how happy we can be! i choose love.


so here are my suggestions for getting out of my own way:

be gentle, patient and compassionate with myself

there will be a point that i will reach where i will have to decide to jump and hope that my wings work or i retreat into a rather uncomfortable comfort zone. (the latter is not my preferred option)

call upon my guides and angels to help me move forward and remove my fear of success.

at least do one small step towards my goal even if it scares me a little

eft about not settling for less


while it has been a challenging week it has also been really rewarding. there is always something to be grateful for! so i wanted to update you on one of the ways that i had stepped out of fear and into love was really focusing on doing things that i love doing. it puts you in a fabulous mindset and opens your energy to attract more fun things.

so here’s what happened in the last week that i manifested:

free yoga sessions for the month of february

a new friend to go see live music with

met lots of lovely ladies who are all in business

a super cheap gym membership with no joining fee or contract

my first mobile massage client and a healing gig for two young girls who fit perfectly into my happy girls are the prettiest

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