goodbye 2016…! you’ve been challenging and fun… but it’s time to say goodbye!

Oh my beautiful blog and the beautiful people that receive it, how I have missed you…! I am going to be straight up with you all…! It all got too much for me…!

I was religiously sitting at my co-working desk on a Wednesday feeling motivated and accomplished thinking over the lessons I had learnt that week so that I could share with you all…. Which mind you I love…! Until each Wednesday I would be holding back the tears because what I had to share with you was still raw…! I was still healing and to talk about it kind of made me relive everything that I was going through…!

Each week I did write a few notes of what I had learnt and will be back on the blog writing about some lessons that I have learnt over the previous year, because there have definitely been a lot. Some lessons had resurfaced for me to learn all over again… and then some new lessons that have been challenging but rewarding! It has been a wild ride and never thought that I would be where I am right now as I write this…!

What I will tell you that I have learnt this year is that for the equally shit stuff that is going on in your life you can be sure that it will be balanced out with some pretty awesome stuff….! To add to that we go through the tough times so that we can strengthen our soul but so we can also teach others around us what we have learnt from going through our own challenges.

I know that from my experiences with being diagnosed with hashimoto’s (an auto-immune disease) and an underactive thyroid has lead me to amazing things like moving interstate to one of the most amazing places in our country and developing a beautiful workshop teaching girls and young women about self-love, self-esteem, mindfulness, power, gratitude and intention. See there’s that balance of shit and awesomeness.

The other thing that I have noticed about 2017 is that everyone is planning…! Planning to have a fabulous year, myself included!!! It will be time to get out of my own way and make shit happen…! Not that I didn’t get shit done this year but it was all clouded in self-doubt because I was doing lots of new things that I’d never done before…! Why do we do this to ourselves? I think we need the down and out times to make the good times awesome, which again is that balance of shit and awesome.

I went a little bit planner mad and covered my built in’s with butchers paper and sticky notes you can see that below! I bought Leonie Dawson’s My Shining Year workbooks, which I love and makes me think what I want to create in 2017 and also a beautiful diary called The Daily Dream Creator by Nikki at Bliss Inventive…! So I am covered now I just need to use them and take the action! I feel that 2017 is going to be a big year of action, growth and progress…! Bring it on!

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I can’t wait to be back and blogging each week and getting my words down to share with you all what I have learnt and hope that you all get something out of it. We are all in this journey together and if I can bring some clarity, hope and guidance to your world then that would make me a happy girl…!

Questions for ya:

I would love to hear what the biggest thing you have learnt in 2016!

Was it a good year or one that you are ready to say goodbye to?

Comment below beautiful butterfly…!

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