Happy Girls are the Prettiest E-Course Intro

it’s here… it’s here…!

i have developed the ‘happy girls are the prettiest’ e-course!!!

let me explain what that is…!

it’s an exclusive area of my website that you can log in to and have access to all the worksheets that i give the happy girls in the workshops with lots of bonuses thrown in.

i provided all the happy girls with a toolkit for life that i want them to have access to for life!

so what is involved you ask?

here’s how it works:
step one:
you purchase the happy girls are the prettiest e-course for $148 (you get access straight away)

step two:
the e-course is a 6 week program for you and your daughter(s) starting whenever you are ready and can be completed at any time

step three:
happy mum’s will receive a weekly email giving you instructions for the week of each topic and introduction videos for the happy girls

step four:
i offer online support on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3.30pm 6.00pm (AEST) if you have any questions

step five:
have fun, create your own happiness and continue to build the beautiful bond you have between you and your daughter(s)

what do you have access to in the e-course:
– intro videos for each topic
– 7 worksheets
– 7 fun activity sheets
– 7 meditations
– 6 pep talks
– 6 visualisations
– 6 guidance emails + happy mums worksheets and self-reflection activities
– live online support Tuesdays and Thursdays for the duration of the e-course
– access to happy mums closed Facebook group
– lifetime access to ‘happy girls are the prettiest’ e-course

i know how important it is for ourselves to be happy and be a shining example to our young ones and is a continuous life journey so we may as well create our own happiness along the way!!!

so if that all sounds amazing and you would love to sign up,
then ‘happy girls are the prettiest’ e-course is OPEN and available 24/7!!!!

Click the register button below to receive a log in which will then direct you to a payment page and give you instant access to the e-course.

you will receive your first guidance email as soon as you sign up.

I can’t wait to meet you and your happy girl and walk along side you in creating your own happiness!!!

Big hugs and love!