Happy New Year xoxo

Its that time of year when we start to think about new years resolutions and what we want to achieve in the new year. Then we get so hard on ourselves for not achieving it. So how about I make you a deal. I won’t make any new years resolutions if you don’t.

What I really want to focus on right now is what makes me happy and doing more of that. It’s what I teach the young ones over at Butterfly Heart Workshops. I think if we can learn to create our own happiness then it’s a great foundation for everything else in our lives. Happiness doesn’t just come to us we have to take action to make things happen but also its a choice we make.

What takes you to your happy place?

I remember sitting at home and feeling really irritable and just felt like nothing was going right. The more things went wrong the more irritated I would get and I would find myself saying I just want to be happy. (There may have been a few expletives in there). So I wanted to create change in my life. So I sat at my table and mapped out my happiness project. I had this image of a huge pile of laundry in a pyramid shape and thought about all the crap that was annoying me. I used this metaphor of the laundry that the point of the pile would be one piece of clothing to fold up which to me sounded easy. So that first step I thought what’s the easiest thing that I can do right now to either help myself and would help to make things not feel so shit.

I wrote down a list that day of all the things that had been piling up like laundry and started with the smallest thing on the list to complete. I did it and it felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I felt great because I felt like I was being proactive in my life rather than sitting in this cycle of negativity that EVERYTHING was going wrong. I changed its direction. I took charge and chose to feel differently about my life. I wish I had those notes to show you because I feel like I should frame them and look at it when I feel overwhelmed.

I think this is what new years resolutions are like that we want to make some huge life change when really we just need to take that one small step. Then the next step and the next one and as long as we are heading in the direction of our dreams and goals those little steps are going to turn into one big life change.

So stop beating yourself up like I did and just take one step at a time.

You’ve got this lovely lady!

Michelle xxx



One thought on “Happy New Year xoxo

  1. Helen says:

    Just love what you write Michelle I read this and then decided when I get home I will do this as well! You truly are an inspiration to me and I love learning new things from you it’s so different and refreshing to be on the receiving end when it’s usually the parents role to teach their children! Love always Mum xx

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