inner child healing

I love offering other women the opportunity to have an Inner Child Healing. It is something that has helped my hugely on my own healing journey. While I have had profound and deep shifts in my energy and huge emotional releases it is the healing that has helped me the most throughout my life.

The purpose of an Inner Child Healing is to honor the child we were in order to Love the person we are now.

The way to do that is to see our experiences during childhood:

– as a learning experience
– finding out what it is we need in our adult life that we may have missed out in receiving as a child
– to honor the feelings you had as a child
– to release any emotional grief energy that we are still carrying around

Clearing the grief and negative emotions we can change our behavior patterns and clear our emotional process.

Some of the emotions that we might need to process are- shame
– pain
– rage
– distrust
– feeling unsafe

This Inner Child Healing session will aim to help you process these emotions at a particular age in your childhood that is affecting you now

The session is held over video chat (Skype or Zoom) which starts by grounding and balancing your energy and I invite your guides and angels to be with you throughout the meditation.

Then you are taken through a guided meditation so your guides, angels and I can support you through through your experience and hold you in a space of healing.

Once the meditation is over I talk you through your experience and together we work through a worksheet provided to process your feelings and emotions.