last week i wanted happiness – this week i am manifesting happiness…!

i won face

what a fortnight! i apologise for missing last week. i was not feeling the greatest, but this week i am full of energy, feeling enthusiastic and have been learning about manifesting. there are big things that i want to attract into my life! J i mean really big things! i have learnt that art of manifesting money and new connections and friends and great experiences. so it has taught me to open it up and ask for the really big things!!! i deserve it so why not! when you ask for big things it is a way of pushing out of your comfort zone. you will realize that a whole heap of new things to deal with come up. when you believe what it is that you are creating it becomes real! like really real! you feel the emotions as if you are in it, your mind goes to that place that what you have created and it is already here!

part of creating this abundance and manifesting is to de-clutter! clear out everything you don’t need! let the energy flow in bringing beautiful gifts with it. when we create that space then the universe works to deliver awesome things into that space. when i found this thing that i really wanted it kicked my manifesting into gear. i realized all the reasons why i wanted this thing and what it would mean for me! it made it even more motivating for me to create it. so cleaning, making my bed, throwing things out and organizing my work and personal life to create an easy flow became pleasurable! it became for a bigger cause!

i was watching a wayne dyer video the other day and he was telling the story about a clay pot and what makes it a clay pot. the pot being made of clay and put in the kiln to fuse the pieces together to make it a vessel that holds things. it creates the space to be filled. but if you were to smash the clay pot the pieces are all still there but in a different form but no longer hold that space to be filled. this resonated with me a lot and made me think about what my vessel was holding, my vessel being my body. what it was holding onto energetically?

i recently purchased sarah prout’s ancient ritual of manifesting. i think it is great and it’s not something that i have been taught before and it is really simple. it definitely makes you committed to manifesting what it is you want. while doing this ritual it brought up all the things that i hadn’t yet dealt with. the things that i needed to energetically release. it has been like a purging but in a great way because i know that i am emptying my vessel of old garbage for new and fabulous things to enter.

it brought me back to loving myself. with the abundance that i create for myself i want to share it with my friends and family. i want to spread that goodness. i want to bring them with me on this awesome happy ride! i want to be an example that great things can happen when you change your mind set. come and join me in making your dreams come true!

so here are my eight tips for manifesting:

  1. De-clutter EVERYTHING – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge room. Only keep the things that you absolutely love!!! Get rid of everything else! If you haven’t used it in 6 months give it away or throw it out. If you really miss it that much you will attract another one into your life.
  2. De-clutter your negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations.
  3. Do some forgiveness work. Cut your energetic attachment to people and experiences that are holding you back.
  4. Figure out what it is that you REALLY want. Work out what REALLY excites you! Those things that you would do absolutely anything to have.
  5. Create a vision board with all those things that you really want!
  6. Do something that shows you are serious about what you want. If you want to go on a holiday to Egypt start taking steps towards it. Go get brochures from the travel agent, change your computer desktop image to photos of Egypt, set up a money box to put your spare change in to go towards your holiday.
  7. Be grateful for the abundance that already is in your life and also the new things that you are manifesting!
  8. I purchased Sarah Prout’s Ancient Manifesting Ritual for a small amount of $9! It is worth it as it has some classic gold content and the ritual is awesome! It’s working for me!

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