let it go… let it go…!


this week has been about acknowledging my emotions and the affect they have on my body and the world around me.

i have been so focused on developing programs and resources that i had not really been checking in with myself and how i am feeling.

 what i did know that i was feeling quite stressed but not really sitting with the why and what i could actually be doing about it to help myself relax and go with the flow of life again.

what i have learnt from being diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease is that it is quite related to my emotions. i know when i need to release them because i get a build up of energy in my neck (where my thyroid is) and in my head where it feels like it’s in a fishbowl filled with water. considering emotions are related to water i think this is an awesome analogy.

i am one of those people that used to go, go, go with everything that i wanted to achieve and would neglect myself. something would happen to trigger me and i would explode in an emotional outrage and left me feeling sorry for the person that was in the way when it happened. i personally don’t want to wait until something is either triggered and i lose my shit.

over the years i have learnt about emotional integrity. it is where you learn to be responsible for your own emotions. they are yours and believe it or not we have the power to choose how we feel. people and experiences will come into your life to show you what it is that you need to acknowledge. it’s here that you have to own that part of you.

the part in you, that is wounded and needs to be healed. experiences keep showing up until you heal what it is that needs to be healed. so in that moment, when someone pushes your buttons or they poke that sore part of you, are you going to react or respond?

if you are in your emotional integrity then you will respond. acknowledge the feelings that come up for you, look at why you want to react, feel where it is in your body and what emotion it might be.

ask yourself:

  • what is this emotion about?
  • how does it make you feel?
  • where have you seen this experience happen previously?
  • what can you do to change your experience so that you can heal and move on?
  • are you doing what you can to release your emotions?

here are four ways that you can release your emotions:

  • have a good cry (watch a sad movie if you don’t want to explain to others why your are crying, it’s an awesome cover)

  • do a work out

  • bathe or swim in salt water

  • meditate to move the emotions up and out of your body

releasing your emotions is like a de-clutter for your body. it creates more flow in your energy and creates space for you to replace those uncomfortable feelings with feelings of joy and happiness. it’s also great for attracting more abundance into your life.



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