spiritual = hippie…. i don’t think so…

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so what comes to mind for you when you hear the word spirituality. do you automatically think… oh that’s that woo woo hippie shit. Maybe you might even have an image in your head of someone wearing a peasant style top, a long flowing skirt, wearing a headband adorned with dreadies and throw in some tie dye somewhere in there. well i am about to kick that image in the pants…

i don’t wear any of those things. I also don’t walk around in a zen like spacey state where it would seem that nothing in the world would phase me. nope… i am alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic. I practice gratefulness, mindfulness and I am kind and caring towards my peers no matter who they are. yet i do have my own challenges sometimes with other people… i am human like everyone else… but i manage to find the blessing in each experience.

anyone can be spiritual, we all have souls and an energetic vibration that keeps us alive and kicking. There is no certain way a spiritual person should look or speak. we are all unique, special and have our own light to bring to the world. it is important that we maintain our energy body just as much as our physical body.

well that’s what I am here to do… to give you the tools to look after your energetic body to make you feel awesome. soon on my website there will be an array of tips and tools to help you on your spiritual journey. i like to keep it simple so they will be easy little activities that can take either 5 seconds or as long as you want to spend on it, but will be very rewarding either way.

this is me, no dreads, no headband, no tie dye, just me… ready to let my spiritual light shine…!

peace out


2 thoughts on “spiritual = hippie…. i don’t think so…

  1. Deborah says:

    Hello Michelle… I have just found your FB page and website through a very dear enlightened friend. I just want to thank you and express my gratitude to you, for creating such an uplifting and beautiful place in cyberspace! And secondly, thank you for sharing a photograph of you… it is evident you are a very special soul who has been sent by the Universe to spread joy, love and meaningful insights.

    Blessings to you Michelle!

    Deborah 🙂

  2. admin says:

    hi deborah. thank you so much for taking the time to write such a beautiful message! i truly appreciate your feedback! i love creating this space and my aim is exactly that to bring more light to the world and to share what i’ve learnt to help others. thanks again! hope you have a beautiful week! x

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