what are you waiting for…?


patience, what is patience? it’s not something that i have ever been really good at. i was one of those kids that would count christmas down from the 26th december and think it would take forever to get to the next year. it can be quite torturous.

i guess it comes down to what our heads are telling us well actually the thoughts that we choose to think:

“oh it’s so far away!”

“i can’t wait that long”

“christmas is never going to get here”

“how many sleeps are there until christmas?”

 i think the biggest contributor to my impatience has been:

number one – the thoughts i choose and thinking i have to wait.

number two – when waiting becomes a habit and expecting things to just fall in your lap.

waiting for that dream job, waiting for that tall dark and handsome man to come and whisk you away, waiting to win x-lotto, waiting to win your dream holiday, waiting for miracles to happen.

 when you wait and wait and wait for things that just don’t show up it’s when you become impatient. it’s this feeling of it’s not here now, i don’t have it, i am never going to have it. we need to flip that shit on its head. it is your eternal birthright to have whatever it is you desire. it may not come in the form or look exactly what you think it’s going to but it is going to be the best possible outcome for you. that’s how the universe rolls.

ok so i am going to be honest with you… i stopped full-time work on wednesday 9th september 2015. i have had a few casual hours here and there but i have not worked full-time since that date. everybody’s dream right?

the universe has supported me to take a break; ok it’s not really a break. i don’t even know what it is but i have used the time to rest, to visit home, to have fun and meet new people, volunteer for fabulous events and conferences but also to build my business. i am truly grateful. it is what i wanted my life to look like, sort of…. the awesome part is i don’t have to work for someone else and i can choose my own hours! it is absolute bliss. not without its own trials but the universe has given me a massive gift. i trust that it i am here for a reason and it’s all going to work out how it is supposed to.

instead of looking at the situation like that i have been impatient. it’s not the nicest feeling! i slipped back into waiting. waiting for the universe to drop me this opportunity to just appear out of nowhere! i have learnt that building a business takes patience! you don’t come up with this one idea and then bam you are an overnight millionaire. it requires you to be taking action on your business every day! i have been working on my business since july 2014 and it is evolving all the time. it’s not yet making the big bucks or do i have full-time work from it (it’s not really what i want anyway), but it is a fabulous ride on my way to a freedom lifestyle. i am taking actions every day to get me closer to where i want to be.

here are five ways that you can overcome impatience:

  1. do something fun to keep my mind from going to that impatient place
  2. do something every day that gets you a step closer to the moment, experience, item you want to buy to make you feel like you are doing everything to make it happen
  3. change your thoughts to the affirmative like you already have or are experiencing what you want.
  4. visualise and feel that you have what it is that you are dreaming of like it is real
  5. know and trust with all your being that everything happens in its own time for the most awesome possible reason.

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