why am i resisting…?

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so the last couple of weeks i have been facing a lot of resistance. it’s where my body tenses and i feel stressed. i have started to worry about things that are out of my control. yet logically i know that i have done the best i can to make things work. so anything that happens outside of that has nothing to do with me and i have to learn to let go and deal with things when the time arises.

i have been noticing how stress makes my body feel. as soon as i feel it i tell myself to stop resisting and my shoulders naturally drop and relax. i’ve learnt what it feels like to be stressed throughout my body and when i feel relaxed. i have definitely been checking in a lot lately. i know that i relax when i stop my mind from thinking. i have learnt that i need to be able to switch off from all the things i think i need to have done yesterday. they are self imposed deadlines that i have put on myself that don’t need to be there. i have a few things that I like to do to make sure that i get away from work mode. i have loved getting back into boxing, my yoga classes, meditation, taking a bath and cleaning (of all things).

i have been mindful that my relaxing doesn’t turn into procrastination and get lazy and slip into not doing anything at all! i have also been learning that there is a part of me that is holding myself back. this too is resistance. a lot of the time lately i have to give myself permission to shine. as you might have seen over on the instagram page i have been posting a lot of photos with gabby bernstein’s – miracle’s now oracle cards. there is one that i constantly keep up on my wall where i can see it. ‘when i shine bright, i give others permission to shine with me’ i like it so much it’s one i want to live by every day. my resistance feels like i am cautiously holding myself back with the things that are unfamilar to me like pulling back a slingshot and there is only one way for me to go and that is flying forward. so while the resistance might not feel so good i know if i relax and let go it will send my flying to somewhere good!

i have read before that sometimes people are more scared of succeeding and what it might mean and what changes will come if we fully give ourselves permission to shine. i know this is where i am at right now. i also love the way mastin kipp from the daily love explains that i am a spiritual thief. i am taking my talents and what i have to offer the world away from the people that need it, because i haven’t fully been putting all of me out there. which is so very true… i don’t want to be a spiritual thief. i want to be a spiritual goddess practicing and spreading the word of self-love.

so that is what i am going to do. a part of that is loving me…!! i love me. i am caring and love helping people out. some times i think i overwhelm people with my kindness and giving nature. not everyone is so comfortable with receiving. no more holding myself back. it is my time and i am ready to shine. who’s with me?

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